Yes, more wine bottle cutting

I’ve been seeing a lot of wine bottle cutting everywhere on the internet lately and thought I wanted to give it a shot. After some lousy attempts to do my own I gave up the idea for a while and one day a friend came with a bottle cutter he  made based on a YouTube video he saw and explained me how to do it. He basically managed to mount a regular glass cutter in a piece of plywood so that it doesn’t move while you make a straight cut around the bottle by rotating it. After having the cutting line around the bottle you just need to warm the bottle with a candle flame all around the cutting line and then put ice around it , do this back and forth until the bottle breaks apart. After this you can sand the edge with a tough sanding paper to make it smooth and safe.

This is what i came up with.. from a wine bottle I made a hanging planter and a glass. The planter has pebbles in the neck so you can see easily if you over-water and the cork is drilled so the excess can come out. I hope it inspires you to make your own.



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3 Responses to Yes, more wine bottle cutting

  1. craftymadre says:

    I love these! I’ve tried the cold/hot water method after scoring with no luck. Maybe I’ll try the candle/ice. The colorful corks/strings are especially fun.

    • objectrehab says:

      I’m actually doing the cold/hot water method now. I found out it worked much better for me than the candle and ice. The trick is to have super hot boiling water and super cold iced water. Submerge the bottle up-to the scoring line and make sure the bottle is open, with no cork or anything, if not it will explode! Thanks for your comment! let me know how it goes.. Enrique

  2. These look amazing! Now I have a bona fide reason to drink more red wine! 😉

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