My name is Enrique, I’m an artist living in San Antonio, Texas.  I started this project in part because I kind of felt guilty when I had to throw away stuff that had some inapparent usefulness or beauty. So I started by saving some of the things I would normally discard, being careful not to hoard. And like most humans (in capitalist nations) I still throw away a lot of stuff, or recycle what I can, but at least now I feel I’m contributing to something, whatever that is.

I also like the idea of seeing things in a different way, getting out of the primary function or the obvious and giving new meaning, it kind of reflects my life right now, trying to get rid of old ways or vicious circles into something better. Sometimes you just need to turn yourself upside down, change perspective. Objects like that too.

Most of these objects are for sale locally in San Antonio and the ideas are free for anyone who wants to try making their own, I hope you enjoy it.

To visit my art website go to www.enriquegtz.com

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