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Ego-Cooking Mirrors

These mirrors are made from oven trays and a couple of pans I got from my girlfriend and my mother. Use them to cook your ego or to bounce positive energy around the house.






Yes, more wine bottle cutting

I’ve been seeing a lot of wine bottle cutting everywhere on the internet lately and thought I wanted to give it a shot. After some lousy attempts to do my own I gave up the idea for a while and one day a friend came with a bottle cutter heĀ  made based on a YouTube video he saw and explained me how to do it. He basically managed to mount a regular glass cutter in a piece of plywood so that it doesn’t move while you make a straight cut around the bottle by rotating it. After having the cutting line around the bottle you just need to warm the bottle with a candle flame all around the cutting line and then put ice around it , do this back and forth until the bottle breaks apart. After this you can sand the edge with a tough sanding paper to make it smooth and safe.

This is what i came up with.. from a wine bottle I made a hanging planter and a glass. The planter has pebbles in the neck so you can see easily if you over-water and the cork is drilled so the excess can come out. I hope it inspires you to make your own.



Kefir Love

These planters are my very first creation for Object Rehab.

I have collected the yoghurt bottles I consume since the last year and a half because I always thought I could do something cool with them. So now I have like 2o something bottles which I will use to make this series of planters with them. I think they look better than in the land-field, what do you think?