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TOMORROW  Saturday May 11 10am- 6pm .

If you live in San Antonio and you are PRO local direct economy and you love to see the faces of the people that make your products and produce your food you have to come to the SOFLO Market. Come get a cool unique gift for your Mother right before her day. There will be not only original hand made Arts and Crafts but also a Farmers Market and Food Trucks, usually you get them all separate but here you’ll find them ALL! And for all the dog lovers there will be dog adoptions by SA R.O.C.K.S.

I’ll have more rehabilitated T-shirts for¬† $5 bucks each. And also of course a bunch of new Wine planters, Ego-Cooking mirrors and more….. Check out the images below.

Here is the event flyer with all the details as well as their website and Facebook page:

See you there!

may 11 flyer2




Vinyls are back and need a place

Now this little soda crate can stand on its own, it just needed a hand. It went from being just one more crate to becoming a proud vinyl record stand.
Do it yourself or buy it at the next Object Rehab sale.

After hibernating , I’m back at doing some more objects, most of what I had was either given away or sold in the last couple months with Christmas and all that.
So you can expect some more posts to come with new things in the next weeks.

1 sin cielo copy



Kefir Love

These planters are my very first creation for Object Rehab.

I have collected the yoghurt bottles I consume since the last year and a half because I always thought I could do something cool with them. So now I have like 2o something bottles which I will use to make this series of planters with them. I think they look better than in the land-field, what do you think?